Meet the team

A hub for calisthenics and parkour in Dubai, the Gravity Calisthenics and Parkour team are young and active individuals that bring only the best to the field.

With people alike, we have athletes continuously breaking boundaries, fitness enthusiasts putting in their reps and community members defying their comfort zones. It makes me proud to see the effort put in everyday by everyone – we’re a family, we’re Gravity.

Yousuf Al gurg

With a background of football and mountaineering, Yousef lives an active lifestyle between functional fitness to trekking occasionally in the suburbs. As a result, Gravity was born and quickly transformed into the community space it is today.

Certifications: WCO Level 1 & 2

Character: A little bit of a perfectionist, stubborn and keen on results.

Marina pavlenko

Self-discovery and development is an understatement to Marina, a life-long dream to work in fitness made true overnight when Gravity happened. With a fusion of handstands and strength training, she has found herself in harmony with her body. 

Certifications: WCO Level 1 & Level 2 | Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Character: strong willed, high pitch and passionate

Amal Murad (a.k.a Leap of Hope)

Graphic designer turned Parkour coach, Amal found herself in the monkey life. With a vision built on confidence and helping people attain their goals in the gym and outside the gym, she has found a perfect fit to what thrills her and how she's giving back to the world.

Certifications: WCO Level 1 & Level 2

Character: Quirky, small with a loud voice, excited.

Justin Garcia

A strong will to prove the world otherwise, Justin aspired to become an athlete when the world told him he couldn't. With a background filled with constant progression and a desire to do the impossible, he now competes and holds international level awards and certifications while also traveling the world to train others helping them find that they all have the potential to redesign what society says we can build of ourselves.

Certifications: WCO Elite Coach | USAG Gymnastics Certified Coach | WCO USA Featherweight Champion

Character: Giggly, No-Excuses, and extremely supportive

Roger Jimenez

Seven years of professional climbing, two years of involvement in Calisthenics and a hunger to always improve, Roger brings his determination into the gym everyday. The second he set his eyes on a bar, he knew this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Two time champion and King of the Bar in Spain and 4th ranked in the world, Roger only wants more - this is his dream. 

Certification: WCO Level 1 & Level 2

Character:  Just tough

Eryc Ortiz

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 4.03.35 PM.png

Eryc, who grew up in France, led a lifestyle he didn't quite agree with. Coming from a background of struggle and a few inconveniences, Calisthenics has transformed his life. Throughout his journey of everyday discovery, he learns more about himself through fitness and incorporates the elements of growth and transformation in his teachings. Having been involved in Calisthenics for the last four years and a half, Eryc holds a two time world champion title - all bred out of determination.

Certifications: WCO Level 1 & Level 2

Character: Serious, majorly goal-oriented, and passionate.

Saleh Al Braik

Saleh had been on the hunt for a gym that combines the elements of community and support, by joining powers with Gravity he sustains the important factors that go into creating a team and running a business. An entrepreneur at heart, he has found his outlet of energy at Gravity.

Character: Humbly joyful, well-rounded optimist and a go-getter.


Miguel Obligacion

Mohammed Al Hashimi (a.k.a Speedy)

A Mechatronics student and high school athlete, I left football and track & field in search for a more difficult challenge. I found parkour and calisthenics and discovered a passion for teaching and training. My main ambition is to watch my clients progress and defeat self-doubt knowing that I was a part of that process.



Character: Quiet, Agile & Kind

Joshua rosas


Coming from a family of athletes, you can only expect the pressure to be real. I had ventured into multiple disciplines only to find myself with a growing interest in Parkour. Catering to my preference of building strength rather than competing, the community quickly took me in. Starting with George Shunia onto to Evan Beyer from Parkour Generations. I landed a job at Parkour Generation where I worked and attained all my certifications and suddenly...I'm in Dubai. It's all so exciting at the age of 19. A large motivator with my job is to be able to help those who can't, move again and help those who can, move better.

Certification: Personal Trainer & ADAPT Level 1

Character: Young, Warm Demeanor & Funny

Lyn, JAJA, & Dane - our awesome front desk