Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book? 
You have the option of emailing us at with you contact details and preferred class/time OR calling +971 4 321 6006 to sign-up through the phone. 

I don't train often/I'm not very fit, is Calisthenics or Parkour still an option? 
Absolutely. The beauty of our disciplines is that they are progressive sports. Everyone has their own unique starting point that allows them to progress into Calisthenics and Parkour. Our trainers are well-aware of developing a starting point and curating the workout to your needs. 

Is there a free trial? 

What specific Calisthenics workout is best for losing weight? 
The nature of the discipline is to utilize the full body to work out without isolating specific muscles. This form of training allows for a well rounded approach to weight loss and fitness improvement. When you join our family, the best starting point is Foundations class as it begins by teaching you the techniques and turns your workouts into cardio based reps. 

How long will it take to see the result/my goal? 
Keeping in mind your commitment, nutrition habits and general body build you can start to see results from 3 weeks - 1 month. This is not set in stone as many variables play a role in how fast it takes to reach your goal. Our main focus is to build a healthier lifestyle and better living habits before any goal is reached. 

If I had an operation, am I allowed to do Calisthenics? What are the limitations? 
Yes, only after consultation from your doctor and informing your trainer, you can attend a Calisthenics class. The workouts may be changed to suit your requirements in order not to pressure your injury or go beyond the safe limit set by your doctor. 

Who is the most recommended trainer? What are their differences? 
Our team consists of a well-rounded approach to fitness. All our trainers are recommended as they all have sufficient experience in their respective fields. Depending on your goals and your preferred teaching method, you can select your trainer. 

What is the guarantee that I will become fit? 
It all depends on your effort and commitment. How bad do you want it? Like anything else in life, your fitness requires a great amount of commitment to reach your goals. As Calisthenics is an effective training discipline, with the right commitment you will see your lifestyle enhance with fitness. 

Is your pricing worth it? 
The sessions at the gym are taught by some of the worlds best athletes and coaches in their respective fields. They are individuals that have pursued their education and careers in everything they bring to the gym and make sure everyday to share their knowledge and time with the members at Gravity Calisthenics Gym exclusively.