“It is the art of using one’s body weight and qualities of inertia as a means to develop one’s physique”
The schedule offers three forms of Calisthenic classes at our facility; Foundation, Graduate & Freestyle. 

Foundation: This class aims to provide you with the skills and abilities to use calisthenics as a form of a workout. It has no entry level requirement and is open to all fitness levels (with and without a training background)

Graduate: This class offers a higher paced version of foundation class where certain moves first learnt are now taken to the next level with increased mobility, flexibility and technique.
To partake in graduate class, you must pass the assessment provided here:
5 strict pull ups, 3 skin the cats, 12 strict push ups, 4 archer push ups, 30 second crow, 3 clean pistol squats per leg, kick up into handstand, 3 second tuck front lever, 3 second tuck back lever, 10 second L-sit on the floor.

Freestyle: The individuals that dance on the bars, those that pull 360 moves in the air and have the endurance to take a bar for three minutes or more. This class is the beginning steps to building your bar movements at a master level. 
To partake in the freestyle class, you must be able to do either a muscle-up or a pull over. Basically, get over the bar by yourself. 

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